Big Sur, Carmel, San Luis Obispo, Destination Wedding and Elopement Photographers and Videographers offering Super 8 + 16mm wedding films and Videos.
Big Sur, Carmel, San Luis Obispo, Destination Wedding and Elopement Photographers and Videographers offering Super 8 + 16mm wedding films and Videos.

happy 4th of july

pasadena engagement session

Now these are our kind of fireworks!  Congrats to Nick and Tola on the engagement.  We’re excited to be a part of your big day later this month!

Danae + Bryan

140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1050_000023270011140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1017_000023300021140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1052_000023270013140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1062_000023270024140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1139_000023290029TWWL_Creekside_Engagment_DB1140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1058_000023270022TWWL_Springtime_Engagment_DB_000023280003140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1135_000023290024140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1084_000023280013140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1100_000023280027 140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1056_000023270020140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1136_000023290025140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1051_000023270012140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1054_000023270016TWWL_Creekside_Engagment_DB5 140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1101_000023280028140410_Brian_Danae_Engagement_1137_000023290026

Anthropologie + BHLDN Wedding Fair

BHLDN_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_Fair_Evite-600px Dearest Brides and Wedding Entusiasts, We would love to invite you to be our guest at a very special wedding fair happening Thursday, May 22 in Beverly Hills hosted by none other than the beloved ANTHROPOLOGIE & BHLDN.  It will be a lovely evening meant to inspire and connect you with other local wedding experts from the LA area.  We hope you will pass this invitation along to any friends and family who may want to pop in.  Simply click on the link above to RSVP.  Also, leave us a little note in the comments section below if you think you’ll be able to make it. We would love to meet you so please come say hello!

Lisa | Bridal Photography


Danae + Bryan | Spring Time Engagement Sneak Peek



Melissa + Jeff | Big Sur Elopement

131007_Melissa_Jeff_1001-59480009131007_Melissa_Jeff_1071-59450011131007_Melissa_Jeff_1043-59440004131007_Melissa_Jeff_1018-59470007TWWL_Big_Sur_Elopement_MJ1131007_Melissa_Jeff_1037-59450007-Edit131007_Melissa_Jeff_1026-59470012 131007_Melissa_Jeff_1079-59450016131007_Melissa_Jeff_1042-59440003131007_Melissa_Jeff_1047-59440008TWWL_Big_Sur_Elopement_MJ2131007_Melissa_Jeff_1227-59520009TWWL_Big_Sur_Elopement_MJ3131007_Melissa_Jeff_1108-59490007131007_Melissa_Jeff_1086-59500004131007_Melissa_Jeff_1110-59490031131007_Melissa_Jeff_1124-59500012-EditTWWL_Big_Sur_Elopement_MJ4131007_Melissa_Jeff_1163-59490023-EditTWWL_Big_Sur_Elopement_MJ5131007_Melissa_Jeff_1281-59520026131007_Melissa_Jeff_1269-59460001131007_Melissa_Jeff_1213-59510026131007_Melissa_Jeff_1220-59520002131007_Melissa_Jeff_1237-59520021131007_Melissa_Jeff_1199-59510014131007_Melissa_Jeff_1273-59460009-Edit131007_Melissa_Jeff_1200-59510016-Edit131007_Melissa_Jeff_1216-59510029-Edit131007_Melissa_Jeff_1245-59530009

Melissa + Jeff are one of the most endearing and welcoming couples we have ever had the pleasure of filming and photographing. They traveled across the country to say their vows to each other in one of the most mysterious and romantic places imaginable, Big Sur, CA. The fog rolled in and enveloped the canyon where they were staying and created a beautifully silent atmosphere that invited one to truly appreciate the importance of what was taking place. It was an honor to be a witness to this most special wedding and we wish the happy couple all of our very best.


Mary + Andy | Ojai Ranch Wedding Sneak Peek


Beach Hair Tutorial

140225_TWWL_BING_BEACH_HAIR_1021_35190015-Edit140225_TWWL_BING_BEACH_HAIR_1002_35190003-Edit-Edit140225_TWWL_BING_BEACH_HAIR_1007_35190008-Edit 140225_TWWL_BING_BEACH_HAIR_1024_35190016TWWL_Beach_Hair_Tutorial_1140225_TWWL_BING_BEACH_HAIR_1026_35190019-Edit140225_TWWL_BING_BEACH_HAIR_1032_35190026-Edit140225_TWWL_BING_BEACH_HAIR_1040_35170008-Edit140225_TWWL_BING_BEACH_HAIR_1038_35170004-Edit

Do you happen to remember that gorgeous bridal hair tutorial we shared months back?  Well, if you didn’t see it here you may have seen it all over Pinterest because that look was a hit!  The same crew (Anne Sage, Heidi Marie Garrett, and TWWL) joined up again to bring you another fun and simple style, only this one is an everyday look in celebration of the warm months ahead.  Sure, it may be a rare chilly morning here in Southern California today… but you know the heat is coming and so shall your carefree, feminine, beachy waves!  If your not quite ready to hit the sand, this look is still a fashionable statement with your favorite go to topper.  Check out the full tutorial on The City Sage with the step by step on how to get this simple look.  Be sure to follow the amazing Heidi Marie Garrett on Instagram for more hair-do inspiration.

Hair/Make-Up: Heidi Marie Garrett, Model: Anne Sage, Photography: The Why We Love